Indoor Pyrotechnics & Special Effects


If you think traditional outdoor fireworks are the only displays that’ll move an audience, think again. Your indoor event can be just as incredible with our proximate pyrotechnics and special effects.

RES Pyro is a leader in indoor pyrotechnic and special effects products. We not only manufacture a full line of indoor and proximate pyrotechnic devices that are distributed worldwide, we use them in our shows. They’re created and tested for consistent and accurate performance, and discharge low smoke and little to no fallout/debris.

If you’ve been to a concert or sports event lately, chances are you’ve seen our products in action!

Your Vision is Our Specialty—Let’s Get Started Today

As with all of our services, understanding your vision is key to a successful event. We routinely work with event planners, prop designers and creative consultants to fully integrate our services into every display we create. RES Pyro has extensive experience in:

  • Working with clients to understand event needs and wishes
  • Evaluating event/venue size
  • Selecting appropriate effects
  • Coordinating with venue and fire authorities

Whether you want to pump up the crowd as the home team takes to the court or delight your audience as your new product line is revealed, RES Pyro can help you perfect the experience.

Contact RES Pyro

If you would like to book RES Pyro for a show or buy our products, give us a call at 952-873-3113.
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