Electric Match


RES Pyro uses Martinez “NPB” electric matches for our devices.  We also offer these electric matches to our clients. These are a lead-free e-matches that uses both a lead-free formulation and lead-free solder to attach bridgewire and lead wires.

Note – A federal explosives license is required to purchase and possess these devices.


  • Standard NPB match – Large, robust flame output
  • Mini NPB match  This e-match has a smaller head but still produces a flame output comparable to most other e-matches on the market.  It’s quieter, as it produces significantly less “pop” noise upon initiation.Both standard and mini NPB matches are available in the following leadwire lengths:
    • 1 ft.
    • 2 ft.
    • 3 ft.
    • 6 ft.
    • 12 ft.
    • Other custom lengths are also available.
  • Airburst harness NPB match  Three e-matches connected to an RJ 11 modular plug.Each e-match has a different length leadwire:
    • 2 ft.
    • 3 1/2 ft.
    • 5 ft.
    • Other custom lengths are also available.

Technical information

Electric Match SDS (PDF)

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