Binary (2 Component) Powder


This is a two-component system for producing various effects when mixed together. The effect is determined by the type of binary powder, quantity used and fixture employed (if needed).

Note – A federal manufacturers license is required to purchase and mix these materials.


  • Standard Flash – Produces the “old time” photographers’ flash effect. It’s a bright flash of light and rising mushroom smoke cloud from a flash pot device.
  • Concussion – Produces a loud report when used in standard (1” wall) concussion mortars.
  • Concussion XL – Same as above but for use in heavy (2” wall) mortars.
  • Super Sparkle Silver – Typically used in a double-height flash pot to produce a bright flash and spray of silver sparks.
  • Super Sparkle Gold – Same as above but gold sparks.
  • Superburst LA Gold or Silver – Binary powder for making gold or silver airburst charges.
  • Superburst HA Gold or Silver – Binary powder for making gold or silver airbursts with a longer spark duration.
  • Concussiveburst HA Silver – Same as above. HA superburst powder but silver sparks with more noise.

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