This device is designed to simulate an outdoor aerial firework shell burst without the hazardous fallout and debris. Airbursts are designed to be suspended overhead from trussing, catwalks, etc.

Several styles are available.


Premade Airburst – Binary

  • Sizes from 5-20 ft. in diameter. This type produces a bright flash of light with a sphere of sparks with or without a report.
  • Colors available – Silver or gold.

Premade Airburst – Star

  • Sizes from 15-40 ft. in diameter. Available in a variety of colors and effects. It produces a burst of colored stars/effects.
  • Colors available – Red, yellow, green, purple, orange, white, blue, silver, gold glitter, silver glitter, crackle and splatter crackle. Mixed color and effects are also available.

Fireball Airburst

  • Produces a fireball and spark effect similar to a lampare style aerial shell.
  • Colors available – Regular (yellow).

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