Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some questions we’re often asked about fireworks shows. Don’t see an answer to your question? Give us a call today and we can talk about it!

How much does a fireworks show cost?

All of our fireworks shows are made to order for our customers – that means you get to decide the budget. We’ll partner with you to design the display you want that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Are fireworks shows safe?

Yes – when handled correctly. Everyone who handles fireworks at RES Pyro is professionally trained and licensed. Our key team members each have 30+ years of experience conducting displays. We also use the best, safest and most reliable equipment on the market today.

Do I need a permit to have a fireworks show at my event?

Yes, but we’ve got you covered. RES Pyro displays include all materials, equipment, certified display operators, necessary permits and $5 million liability insurance.

Can I buy fireworks from RES Pyro and shoot them myself?

Products sold by RES Pyro are for professional use only and are not for sale to the general public. We do not sell Consumer Fireworks that you would buy for your backyard display on July 4th. If you don’t have a local/State/Federal license(s) you will not be able to purchase our products. However, we would be happy to facilitate a fireworks show for you. Request information or give us a call today.

RES Pyro Product Line – For Professional Use

All of our pyrotechnic products conform to requirements in NFPA 1126, Standard for the use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience.

Do you use lead-free electric matches?

Yes, we currently use Martinez NPB electric matches, which use a lead-free formula. Additionally, the lead wires are attached using lead-free solder.

Are your products intended for indoor use?

Many of our products are suitable for indoor use. Please refer to the Intended Use document (pdf) for more information.

Are your products approved in other countries?

Yes. Please call our office for specific information.

Purchasing proximate pyrotechnic devices

We will need a copy of either your current BATF, State or local license to confirm you are engaged professionally in pyrotechnics before you can purchase pyrotechnic products from us.

Purchasing electric matches and binary flash powders

These items are federally regulated and require a current BATF explosives license to purchase. Purchase of binary flash powders specifically requires a BATF explosives manufacturers license.

Special requests

Many of our products can be customized to meet your needs. Contact us with your requirements.

  • Custom colors
  • Performance characteristics
  • Weatherproofing
  • Custom electric match lengths
  • Foil cover for crossfire prevention
  • Custom packaging (show packs)


Most jurisdictions require a permit for the use of proximate pyrotechnics, usually issued or approved through the local fire marshal. In addition, most jurisdictions follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1126: Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience and/or may have additional rules that apply.


Important safety guidelines is contained in our Read Me First informational document (pdf). A printed copy of this document is included with each shipment.

Domestic Shipping

Our standard method of shipping is via Federal Express (FedEx) Ground service.  This is the most economical route if there is no urgency and usually proves to be the most reliable for domestic shipments.

If overnight delivery is required, we can also ship FedEx Express.  Please note that Fed Ex does not guarantee overnight delivery of explosives shipments.  Also, we can only mark packages for Saturday delivery when they are shipped on a Friday per FedEx policy.

International Shipping

International Shipments are usually shipped via Federal Express International Service, referred to as IXF, Express Freight.  FedEx will sometimes put embargoes in place for various reasons, usually to control shipping volume to certain destinations.  When this happens, FedEx will only accept shipments as International Priority 1 (IP-1).  This can cause the shipping costs to be 3 times or more than rates charged for IXF.

If an international destination is not serviced by FedEx we do have other carriers that are available.  Please contact us with you needs.

If you have an account with FedEx, we can arrange for shipping charges to be billed to your account.

A little more about RES Pyro

Top-quality products

The products we create are safe, dependable and consistent when it comes to performance. We will customize our products to meet your exact needs.

Professionally trained & licensed

We are federal- and state-licensed. WE also follow National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) codes and all state requirements.

Ongoing expertise

We’re members of the American Pyrotechnics Association and the Pyrotechnics Guild International. This keeps us on the cutting edge of technology, safety and regulations.

Local and worldwide recognition

While we’ve provided displays for the MLB All-Star Event and the NHL Stadium Series, RES Pyro is also known around the globe. We won first place in the Thailand International Contest held in honor of the King of Thailand.

Contact RES Pyro

If you would like to book RES Pyro for a show or buy our products, give us a call at 952-873-3113.
You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.